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Curtain Up! - Live in Times Square 9/19/21

M-Squared Music was thrilled to be music coordinator for Curtain Up! three-day festival in Times Square. VIVA! The Jimmy Awards and The Curtain Up! finale concert featured dozens of the best musicians NYC has to offer.

The finale concert on Sept 19 featured 23 Broadway shows.

The incredible house band backed up all the performers.

Curtains Up! House Band:

Kenny Seymour (Music Director)

Richard Hammond (Bass)

Rich Mercurio (Drums)

Michael Aarons (Guitars)

John Deley (Keyboards)

Ted Arthur (Keyboards)

Dan Willis (Woodwinds)

Greg Riley (Woodwinds)

James De La Garza (Trumpet)

Jason Jackson (Trombone)

Hiroko "Coco" Taguchi (Concertmaster Violin)

Phil Payton (Violin/Viola)

Anja Wood (Cello)

Additional guest musicians:

Clayton Craddock (Drums)

Roger Squitero (Percussion)

Aurelien Budynek (Guitar)

Dillon Kondor (Guitar)

Brian Koonin (Guitar)

Paul Staroba (Conductor)

David Lai (Conductor)

Nicholas Skilbeck (Conductor)

Todd Groves (Woodwinds)

Yuri Yamashita (Percussion)

Grant Braddock (Percussion)

John Benthal (Ukulele)

Ben Cohn (Conductor)

Marco Paguia (Conductor)

Nick Lueck (Mandolin)

Wendy Cavett (Conductor)

Romano DiNillo (Percussion)

Claire Chan (Violin)


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