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In addition to hiring the best musicians anywhere, M² Music is a one-stop shop providing start to finish payroll processing, contract services, and liability insurance.

Our List Of Clients And Vendor Relationships Is Growing.

Nothing makes us happier than paying the hard-working musicians and eliminating red tape and delays where possible.


Employer of Record

M² Music will assume employer of record and is also available to employers who become signatory to AFM collective bargaining agreements, or single engagement agreements.

Union Compliant

M² Music is up to date on every musician's union rule so you don’t have to be. Our software generates all of the appropriate rates and terms needed to be compliant.

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Onboarding & Software

Musicians can use M² Music’s software platform to securely update their profile, download/upload tax documents, check new work calls and status of payments

Tax & Insurance

Our service takes care of all the unemployment payments, federal and state tax filings, disability, worker’s compensation, Medicare, and FICA payments. M² Music sends out year-end W2’s at no extra cost.


Benefits Remittance

Checks are promptly mailed or direct deposited to the musicians, and M² Music will remit all payments to the union benefit funds.

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