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DIANA: A New Musical

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

M² Music is proud to have just completed the film scoring sessions for the upcoming 2021 Netflix release of DIANA: A New Musical. An industry first, DIANA will be a new musical released to subscribers prior to the official Broadway bow.

With all necessary COVID precautions in place, the orchestra recorded at Sound on Sound studios in Montclair, NJ in August, 2020 .

The orchestra gathered safely for the first time in over 6 months. What a joy it was to play live music again.

DIANA Musicians:

Ian Eisendrath (Arranger/Conductor)/Keyboard)

Sammy Merendino (Drums)

John Deley (Associate Conductor/Keyboard/Organ)

Cat Popper (Bass)

Nate Brown (Guitar 1)

Michael Aarons (Music Coordinator/Guitar 2)

Ravi Best (Trumpet)

Dan Willis (Reeds)

Ian Donald (French Horn)

Ted Arthur (Alternate Conductor)

Haley Bennett (Production Coordinator)

John Clancy (Orchestrator)

David Bryan (Composer)


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