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South Park - Season 25

M² Music is very proud to be the Music Coordinator for the brilliant 30-piece orchestra you'll see in the South Park 25th Season ad campaign. Back-end coordination for the sessions was powered by the M² Music Platform.

Season 25 premieres on Feb 2 at 8/7c on Comedy Central!

Thanks to Stephen Oremus, and the entire production team for making it seamless and so incredibly fun! Catch the hilarious orchestral rendition of the South Park Theme song:

Orchestra Personnel:

Stephen Oremus - Conductor

Michael Aarons (M² Music) - Music Coordinator

Sean McDaniel - Drums

Dave Mancuso - Percussion

Brian Holtz - Bass

Alvin Hough, Jr - Piano

James De La Garza - Trumpet

Raul Agraz - Trumpet

Sara Jacovino - Trombone

Jeff Nelson - Trombone/Tuba

Rachel Drehmann - French Horn

Judy Lee - French Horn

Kirsten Agresta-Copely - Harp

Philip Payton - Concertmaster

Kiku Enomoto - Violin

Monica Davis - Violin

Jonathan Dinklage - Violin

Bryan Hernandez-Luch - Violin

Mary Jo Stilp - Violin 2 (Principal)

Weber, Jonathan - Violin 2

Caleb Burhans - Violin 2

Orlando Wells - Viola (Principal)

Ina Paris - Viola

Chala Yancy - Viola

Deborah Assael - Cello (Principal)

Adele Stein - Cello

Allison Seidner - Cello

Ferrara, Julie Ferrara - Woodwinds

Pecoraro, Emily Pecorar - Woodwinds

Willis, Daniel Willis - Woodwinds

Pillow, Charles Pillow - Woodwinds

Riley, Greg Riley - Woodwinds

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